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Tips to choose the best laundry service in Dubai!

If you are searching for the best laundry service in Dubai you should look for a company that can remove the tedious task of dry cleaning from your list. A professional laundry service is a good way to get your laundry done without any hassle, however, how does one go about when it comes to finding the right company?

Turnaround time

If you send the laundry to a laundry service every day, chances are that you might want the clothes to be delivered as quickly as possible. Before you choose a service, you need to ensure that you get a turnaround time that suits your schedule. If you happen to run short on shirts, it is best to not opt for a laundry service that will deliver your clothes after five days.


The pricing of laundry services can vary from one company to the other, and so you need to ensure that you know the price of every service before you choose one. Some cleaners provide wash and fold service over dry cleaning services; however they might cost you more as they typically outsource this work to a Laundromat.

Damage policy

Losing your sock is not a huge issue as losing your expensive garment; however, you need to ensure that you get a new one. You should find the best laundry service in Dubai that provides you with a lost item or damaged policy. This offers you peace of mind and makes sure that you will get an item in return if it is lost during service.

Pickup and delivery

When you outsource the laundry, you might want to spend your time doing other productive things. Most laundry services offer pickup and delivery with all their orders, so you can spend your time productively while they take care of your laundry and dry cleaning needs.


If the best laundry service in Dubai has a contract for you to sign, you need to know about the details to ensure that you agree to the terms mentioned!


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